Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Date With Destiny by Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth

Academically minded, uptight Anna only agreed to go on Date with Destiny, a campy TV game show, because she wanted to win an SUV. She never dreamed that accidentally selecting the wrong prize would land her on a cruise ship full of supernaturals. At least she's bringing someone along for the ride — her best friend Winter, a kooky free spirit with a penchant for mischief.

Andre and Christian, were-panthers and twin brothers, are polar opposites as far as personalities go. One views life as a party, the other is entirely too serious. But once they meet their intended mates, this night-and-day duo can finally agree on one thing — Anna and Winter will be theirs and theirs alone before they get back to shore.

Very unimpressive. I mean REALLY unimpressive. Bad, even. At the very least uninspired. I should have known better. I knew I owned the first e-Book in this series already, but since I didn't remember it all that clearly I just assumed from the description of Date With Destiny that I was in for a fun, and funny, time. Instead I got a boring, format driven story that only made me feel like I'd wasted my $4. It was very much a wham-bam-thankyouma'am kind of story. The characters have sex, have their mystical pre-destined futures told to them, and then proceed to fall to their knees in gratitude that everything worked out allright and they're magically in love with their chosen were-panthers. GIVE ME A BREAK! Where's the upheaval, the outrage, ANY kind of plot development that would allow me to believe that these women actually fell in love? It's a ridiculous 'love story' told in two parts (for both of the couples) and completely unworthy of anyone's time. Next!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs down. A complete waste of time. Try reading something by Shelly Laurenston instead- you'll actually enjoy yourself.
Series (if you care) - 1) Pleasure Cruise 2) Date With Destiny 3) Pleasure Island