Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Coral Kiss by Jayne Ann Krentz

Successful author Amy Slater had a life in need of mending. And Jed Glaze proved to be the right man for the job after the pair hit it off as fabulously good friends. Then one day Jed shows up with a mysterious injury of his own — and suddenly dark, confounding, yet utterly irresistible Jed becomes a lot more than "just a friend". Now it's a time for not only mutual healing and delightfully sensuous nights but for sharing secrets that could prove a little dangerous for them both. On a jaunt to a Pacific island paradise, Amy and Jed will unearth the key to the unsolved murder that has haunted Amy's nights — and discover how surprisingly and exquisitely fated two seemingly mismatched hearts can be.

This is an old school Krentz romance. Amy might be an independent woman, she lives alone and writes books, but her turmoil over what happened at Pacific Island is still something she can't solve with Jed's help. Doesn't really matter though, because their chemistry jumps off the page and the elements of suspense in the book make it a page turner. I've often described reading a book as being similar to watching a movie, one where I get to pick what everyone looks like, and this was one fun movie. Jed's good and mysterious, with just enough danger to make him enticing without being frightening. Amy and Jed need each in different in ways and support each other in making hard decisions - things necessary to a long lasting happily ever after.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up, A great throwback romance.

Series - None