Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh

Separated from her son and forced to create a neural implant that will mean the effective enslavement of her psychically gifted race, Ashaya Aleine is the perfect Psy--cool, calm, least on the surface. Inside, she's fighting a desperate battle to save her son and escape the vicious cold of the PsyNet. Yet when escape comes, it leads not to safety, but to the lethal danger of a sniper's embrace.

DarkRiver sniper Dorian Christensen lost his sister to a Psy killer. Though he lacks the changeling ability to shift into animal form, his leopard lives within. And that leopard's rage at the brutal loss is a clawing darkness that hungers for vengeance. Falling for a Psy has never been on Dorian's agenda. But charged with protecting Ashaya and her son, he discovers that passion has a way of changing the rules...

Nalini Singh's books are still a lot of fun. Since I just did a review for one of her other books not too long ago I'm not going to go really in depth with this one, but suffice it to say that it doesn't let the series down. Dorian and Ashaya are still two unique characters, even after all the other Changling/Psy pairings we've seen before. At this point in the series I probably feel some of the most enjoyment when more of the Psy plots unfolds - seeing the inner workings of the Council is pretty cool.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. Definitely.

Series - 1) Slave to Sensation 2) Visions of Heat 3) Caressed by Ice 4) Hostage to Pleasure 5) Branded by Fire