Monday, October 19, 2009

Laurell K Hamilton at Dragon*Con 2008

Since I'm working on what my next book review is going to be, I thought I'd take a time out and do a quick little post on Laurell K Hamilton and Dragon*Con. I love LKH - quite a bit in fact - but I have one major issue: her inability to be consistent with Dragon*Con attendances drives me crazy! My BFF and I waited years to go to Dragon*Con for the first time solely because we weren't gonna go if she wasn't there - and she kept not being there. AUGH!

Luckily, I can say that in 2008 LKH went and so we proceeded to stalk her around that entire Convention. HOURS of waiting in line hoping to be in the first or second row so that we could really hear and see the person who wrote so many of the books we loved. I'm even happier to say that she was totally worth that time and that Ms. Hamilton is very funny and engaging in person. If you get the chance to go listen to her speak definitely take it! It's like watching one of your favorite heroines step out of the book and come to life in the very best way.

Both of these clips are from Dragon*Con's 'She Did What?!' Panel:
"Sex in science fiction. Is it necessary? Does too much of it cross the line from sf/fantasy into...other things?" - Dragon*Con 2008 Pocket Program

Hope you enjoy!