Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini Me: Alone Time by Lauren Dane

Visits to Petal, Part 1

It’s date night in Petal, Georgia, and Nathan, Matt and Shane have some long-awaited alone time with their women and they’re not about to let that opportunity go.

Warning: This free story is bonus material for readers of the Chase brothers and Petal, Georgia, series and is not intended to be standalone.


So yeah. I love Lauren Dane. You know that, I know that, it's pretty obvious by this point. And while the Brown Siblings have in some individual cases become my favorite, the Chase brothers are near and dear to my heart. As a short vignette into those lives it Alone Time works really well. There isn't any discussion, only hints really, in regards to each couple's back stories so beyond the author's warning, let me say as well: THIS DOESN'T WORK ALONE. But hey, for someone who owns and rereads often the original Chase quartet, it's great and it's never gonna get old, seeing the how the lives of the people in Petal evolve. Yay!