Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Me: Santa Reads Romance by Dara Joy

A romance writer decides to take some time to seclude herself in a cabin, so she can finish up her latest masterpiece. But when a publisher dressed as Santa Claus ends up arriving during a snowstorm, she experiences something that she has only experienced through the characters in her novels.

As a quickie introduction to the kinds of novels that Joy writes I would say Santa Reads Romance is ok but I don't think it's my favorite. It's a heartwarming Christmas novel and some suspension of belief is required - which I don't usually have trouble with but maybe I did this time because my tree is no longer around to fill my heart with Christmas joy?

Hmm.... could be, but I digress. After driving through Maine trying to track down his erstwhile author, publisher C. Hunter Douglass hits Santa Claus with his car and somehow gets conned into delivering his presents instead. And of course gets snowed in with author May because, well, why not? She's a little extra (though I did think it was hilarious that having romance books on hand was more important to her than food) and doesn't take any crap; when Hunter shows up unexpectedly she definitely isn't interested in playing damsel in distress. 

All in all it's an ok little story that I'm glad I picked up for free - I like the books I have at home more, lol. 

*Read as part of the 2013 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge