Friday, February 8, 2013

Trickster by Jeff Somers *ARC Review*

Magic uses blood—a lot of it. The more that’s used, the more powerful the effect, so mages find “volunteers” to fuel their spells. Lem, however, is different. Long ago he set up a rule that lets him sleep at night: never use anyone’s blood but your own. He’s grifting through life as a Trickster, performing only small Glamours like turning one-dollar bills into twenties. He and his sidekick, Mags, aren’t doing well, but they’re getting by.

That is, until they find young Claire Mannice— bound and gagged, imprisoned in a car’s trunk, and covered with invisible rune tattoos. Lem turns to his estranged mentor for help, but what they’ve uncovered is more terrifying than anybody could have imagined. Mika Renar, the most dangerous Archmage in the world, is preparing to use an ocean of blood to cast her dreams into reality— and Lem just got in her way. 


This book is one of those stories that starts off slow - you find yourself moseying along, taking your time, getting to know the characters and the world - when suddenly everything starts to happen ALL AT ONCE. The world's about to end, people are dying, everything's pretty much going to sh*t and I was left wondering what could possibly happen next. And I loved it. 

Good, no great, urban fantasy series are rarely about comfortable. Lem and Mags aren't really good people, just ones trying to find a way to their next meal, but when they stumble upon a plot that will end up with most (if not all) of everything living in the world dead they can't simply turn away. Things build and trust is betrayed, and if nothing else I would warn interested readers that this is a dark and gritty world so prepare yourself. I found myself gasping through the end of it and can't wait for what's next - I'm definitely picking up a copy to go on my shelf and will keep an eye out for future releases.

Overall Feeling - A 

Series - 1) Trickster (2/26/13)

*Title requested from NetGalley*