Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slashback by Rob Thurman


Taking on bloodthirsty supernatural monsters is how Caliban and Niko Leandros make a living. But years ago—before they became a force to be reckoned with—the brothers were almost victims of a very human serial killer.


Unfortunately for them, that particular depraved killer was working as apprentice to a creature far more malevolent—the legendary Spring-heeled Jack. He’s just hit town. He hasn’t forgotten what the Leandros brothers did to his murderous protégé. He hasn’t forgotten what they owe him.

And now they are going to pay… and pay… and pay.…

As far as action filled urban fantasies go there are few as good as Rob Thurman and her Cal Leandros series. The action is organic and the violence almost integral to the story, as both Cal and Niko were raised with it and use it now to defend others. Over the course of the series we've seen both their lives change, favorite characters leaving (where is Georgie?!) and new ones bring brought in to stay. In this particular installment though Thurman does something completely different and writes a chapter by chapter change in viewpoint and time - which if you'd told me going in was going to happen I would have objected to but is used so well here.

I wouldn't say this book is for the faint of heart because of the heavy emotional baggage the two brothers share so be warned. I'm not sure either could survive without the other, physically or emotionally, which could be creepy in another context but makes total sense for who these two men are. Don't pick this book up if you haven't read the previous installments (I think you'll be both confused as hell and unsure about why these two dudes care so much) but as part of a series I've come to love so much it's fantastic!

Overall Feeling - A

Series - ....6) Blackout 7) Doubletake 8) Slashback