Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hidden Dragons by Emma Holly

Do you believe in dragons? Werewolf cop Rick Lupone would say no . . . until a dying faerie tells him the fate of his city depends on him. If he can’t protect a mysterious woman in peril, everything may be lost. The only discovery more shocking is that the woman he’s meant to save is his high school crush, Cass Maycee.

Half fae Cass didn’t earn her Snow White nickname by chance. All her life, her refusal to abuse fae glamour kept men like Rick at arm’s length. Now something new is waking up inside her, a secret heritage her pureblood father kept her in the dark about. Letting it out might kill her, but keeping it hidden is no longer an option. The dragons’ ancient enemies are moving. If they find the prize before Rick and Cass, the supe-friendly city of Resurrection just might cease to exist.


There are many things I could say about Hidden Dragons, about the Hidden series in total really, but the best of them is that Holly is consistently producing some of my favorite fantasy based erotic romances. Most of the books take place in the in-between town of Resurrection, where humans, Fae, and everything else live together (mostly in harmony) and as such each book introduces us to new people while still bringing back the ones we already love. 

I'm not saying that you don't have to suspend some sort of disbelief for Cass and Rick - it is an erotic romance and while there's the implication that both of them liked each in high school, they jump into bed pretty quickly once the story begins. I admit to a blink and a quick 'well ok, lol' thought until they'd spent a bit more time together - but once past that you get a great, fast paced story about two people drawn together by lust, eventually love, and some really cute dragons.

Overall Feeling - A

Series - 1) Hidden Talents 2) Hidden Crimes 3) Hidden Depths 4) Move Me 5) Hidden Dragons