Monday, October 21, 2013

A Deeper Dimension by Amanda Carpenter

An independent woman, a strong-willed man, and a love neither of them can deny.

Diana needed no one. She’d survived on her own, put herself through school, and was totally self-sufficient. And now, at twenty-six, she had a successful career in the business world. And despite the fact that her new boss, Alex Mason was dynamic and attractive, she was determined to keep it strictly professional between them.

But when unscrupulous business rivals threaten to destroy all that Alex has built, Diana finds herself falling for the hard-working man she discovers behind his formal façade. And the closer she gets to Alex, the farther she drifts from her hard-fought independence…

This Retro Romance reprint was previously published in March 1984 by Harlequin Books.

When Harlequin calls this a retro romance they are really not kidding. It was kind of hilarious to read this through the eyes of a modern woman because so much of it is complete what-the-f*ckery. Just hired but the boss kisses you on the mouth in fond affection? Totally fine. Have a Masters but somehow still the arm candy when the boss needs a date to meet with clients? Also apparently fine. Just go with it!

Diana is the quintessential "ice cold" heroine, cut off from her own feelings due to being shuffled among foster homes, who needs Alex to show her what love is because she's never felt it herself and is completely mystified when she starts to care about whether she's around him or not (I wish this book was a music video). The romance is wordy, filled with over the top descriptions of both main characters and the story, but all in all (especially for a freebie) it was fun read and an interesting look into Thea Harrison as a writer.

Overall Feeling - B-

Series - None