Friday, August 12, 2011

Go Amazon go!

I know Amazon is considered by some to be contributing to the downfall of physical bookstores, but I still like hearing about them giving Apple the finger :)

Remember how a little while ago Apple said that apps downloaded through their store that sold books had to give them a significant (I think 30%?) share of the profit**? Well Amazon has side stepped that with their Kindle Cloud Reader which is accessed through a browser instead of the more familiar downloaded app - which makes it exempt from Apple's stupid rule. My roommate pointed the article out to me in the Wall Street Journal and I thought it was fantastic. It seems like Apple is always trying to mess with people, whether it be through censorship, selective selling, or unfair claims on publisher/author profits.

Fingers crossed over here at RAtChaos that with this new move other online sellers will also learn how to market and sell books to their respective audiences without Apple's interference.

**Jane over at Dear Author does a much better job explaining Apple's original move. For more info please check out her post!