Monday, August 22, 2011

It's almost that time again - Dragon*Con 2011!

I've tried to avoid it. I've tried not to subject you all to the mania and hysteria, but it's 10 DAYS UNTIL DRAGON*CON 2011!!! 10 DAYS!! Better than my birthday, almost better than Christmas, Dragon*Con makes my little geeky heart go pitter patter with joy and laughter. With a touch of inappropriate clothing and ridiculous panels thrown in for good measure.

If you're unawares, Dragon*Con is one of the world's biggest sci-fi/fantasy conventions, and if I have my information correct, IS the biggest sci-fi convention in the United States. I've gone the past 3 years and it's been incredible every time. Every time I tell you! It doesn't matter if I'm waiting in line for 5 hrs to get a book signed or wandering around from panel to panel, it's always an amazing experience. There's just nothing like it, with the hordes of fans from all different fandoms coming together to have a great time. I posted some pictures from last year on RAtChaos's Facebook page.

This year - as I have done every year - I have a list of people to stalk:

Dana's To Stalk List***

Laurell K. Hamilton Nana Visitor
Charlaine Harris Norman Reedus**
Sherrilyn Kenyon Cruxshadows
Nicholas Brendon Terry Brooks
Felicia Day Rachel Caine
Virginia Hey Carole Nelson Douglas
Christopher Lloyd Sean Patrick Flanery**
Kate Mulgrew Diana Gabaldon**
Amanda Tapping Laura Anne Gilman
Garrett Wang Nancy L. Holder 
Julie Benz Stacia Kane**
Elvira** Mercedes Lackey
Carrie Fisher Joe Manganiello**
James Marsters Gates McFadden
Edward James Olmos** Mercedes McNab
Brent Spiner Susan Sizemore**
Wil Wheaton Jeanne C. Stein**
Peter Mayhew Rob Thurman
Robert Duncan McNeill Garrett Wang
William Shatner C.L. Wilson**

**Actors/Actresses/Authors that I should be reading or watching but aren't. They are so cool though that they need to be recognized even if I won't see them this year.

***If I knew how to make little floaty heads to go with some of these people I would, just so you would be as excited about their coming as I am. Sadly my skills are lacking.

To see some or all of them are my goal, so fingers crossed it all works out! I unfortunately missed out on Kate Mulgrew and James Marsters last year, but I'm hoping that making them priorities this year will help.

And as usual I have some ridiculous costumes in mind for the weekend. Extreme pinup is kind of the catch phrase, with my steel boned corset making multiple appearances (if I don't buy another one while I'm there). I guess I've just always felt the most beautiful in vintage silhouette when women showed hints but not the whole shebang. Still what would a geek weekend be without a geek outfit? No geek weekend at all I tell you! This year I'm debuting my first cosplay experience by playing Indigo from Rainbow Brite! Woot! I've discovered that liquid stitch is my new favorite thing in life (I want to use it on everything) and after spending almost the entirely of Saturday getting the last but most difficult part of it together, hopefully I won't put my friends to shame. I am a reader friends, not so much a crafter, and trying to figure out how the hell to make curved shoulder thingys that attach to a suspender-like contraption has not been easy. I've been doing in-depth makeup trials on my other blog Good Red Herring, so if you're interesting in knowing even more about my inner OCD workings please head over there.

Oh and I guess I have to admit when I become a total lemming right? Readers I have officially given in and gotten a Twitter account. I have resisted for awhile and have actually yet to send out a single Tweet, but if you're interested in random Dragon*Con coverage and pics, please follow me @goodredherring. If you're wondering, I ultimately decided to go with that name so I didn't feel bad every time I sent out a tweet not about books. Meaning please don't be surprised when I talk about fashion, makeup, and Star Trek all on the same day.

Finally I leave you with this a fan-f*cking-tastic video of geeky greatness:

Happy Monday!!!