Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It Started With a Text (Part I)

Jessy: Um the chapter of your book where she gets lost and calls her husband...we've had this exact conversation..."Dana there's bushes, no I don't know what bus I'm on...why would I need to know that. I think I might be in MD. Help me"

Me: Well then maybe you need her ever special and unique GPS

Jessy: Or I can just keep calling you and hope you find me... like Waldo. Years later you will write a book about how I have impacted your life and then you'll be rich. You should thank me now.

Me: Oh don't worry I'm writing my thank you blog post now so I can be ready to post it years from now.

Me (again): There's gonna be a part about drunkenly trying to climb over snow drifts and ghetto cousins

Jessy: You should because Dana who else gets into fights with garbage cans, dances with strangers while dressed like a gnome, and comes drunkenly into your room at God knows what time tell you they want eggs?

Me: Example Chapter One: How We Tried to Get Home in a Snowstorm...and Almost Died

Me (again): Example Chapter Two: How I Left the House for a Few Hours...and Almost Died (in a gas explosion)

Jessy: Exactly! While telling some random man who was trying to murder me "Get away from me I don't need help! Don't touch me!"

Jessy (again): Ok maybe we could omit chapter two cause that makes it sound like I was trying to kill you and really it was just AN ACCIDENT

Me: Have you been reading The Bloggess? NOTHING'S an accident

*Yes I know this post makes little to no sense. If you really don't get it then I advise you to either head over to The Bloggess or even better pick up a copy of her new book Let's Pretend This Never Happened.

**No I don't have a book review to post today. I've spent the past week rereading books I've already posted reviews for because sometimes I'm a horrible blogger.

***Yes I have more chapter titles. They'll most likely be revealed in Part II (if I make it to a part II) so you should probably just keep checking back for more.