Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heat of the Storm by Elle Kennedy

Give a SEAL an inch, and he’ll take your heart...

Lieutenant Will Charleston has waited fifteen long years to show up as anything other than a one-pixel blip on Mackenzie Wade’s romantic radar.  If a powerful storm is what he needs to send her into his arms, he’ll take it.  Once the hot sex is over, though, she seems determined to kick him right back into the friend zone.

Not this time.  This time, he’s going to teach her the meaning of tenacious.
Mackenzie has always had feelings for Will, feelings she fights with all her strength.  He’s her best friend, her safety net. The one man who’s not scared of her accursed psychic gift.  No doubt he drives her wild in bed, but their night of passion was more than a mistake.  It generated a tragic vision of the future, one that leaves her more confused—and afraid—than ever.

Problem is, Will knows her too well.  Plus he’s a SEAL to the bone.  And they don’t like to lose...


After all the hype on Twitter about this author and her hot military men-filled books I definitely thought I'd like this more. It started off well, as we're dropped into the middle of this long friendship between Will and Mac that's finally turning into something more. There's a little bit of paranormal with Mac's visions but it never felt inconsistent or out of place with the rest of the story. 

I guess my  biggest complaint is about the how the relationship between Will and Mac gets resolved. Now I recognize that in a short story there's some emotional stuff that gets skimmed over because there's just room, but I hate the jealousy trope. Mac's being understandably hesitant in taking that step into full relationship status, and yes she could be a bit annoying with it at times, but Will didn't endear himself to me by borrowing his boss's girlfriend. Shrug. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't great and I think I just expected more. 

It's a fine short story from a series that many other people seem to love, so take my opinion with a grain of salt ok? I guess my not-quite-perfect military romances are just going to have to keep coming from Lora Leigh.

Overall Feeling - C

Series - 1) Heat of the Moment 2) Heat of Passion 3) Heat of the Storm .... 7) Feeling Hot