Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G.A. Aiken

Some things never go away, like vile enemies, bad ale, and annoying kin. Honestly, though, I thought I was finished with the one dragon I’d have done anything for: Éibhear the Blue, a big, gorgeous, blue-haired beast who thinks the world belongs to him. The world and, apparently, me.

If Éibhear wants to play the caring hero and travel into the most forsaken of Gods forsaken lands to protect the one woman who doesn’t need it—namely me—I’ll let him. Because while I’m trying to fulfill  a ridiculous quest for a pushy god, I’m going to draw this overconfident warlord much too close, rekindle his fires, and enjoy every minute of his delicious defeat...

Ok here's the deal - great book, so much going on in this series. I probably should have gone back and reread The Dragon Who Loved Me because when they bring in some new-ish characters or talk about what happened in the last book...I admit to being a little lost. Still in spite of my own failings, and I do see them as *my* failings, this book was a blast to read especially since it's the culmination of a relationship we've been waiting for forever. It's like Hawke and Sienna! 

Éibhear has grown since we were first introduced to him, suffered heartbreak and the loss of comrades. It's hard on a person and he's not willing to take anyone's crap. It's hard to read but at the same time the book remains fun, because Aiken writes the characters as such; they suffer but are so full of life it's impossible to resist. And in this installment there are just so many adventures to go on!

Rhydderch Hael is back in Izzy's life, sending her on missions and pulling strings to get the results he wants. Éibhear has his own part to play but Izzy isn't willing to just fall into his arms in the meantime. The sparks between the two are off the charts but in this book you get fulfillment as they actually get together! Woohoo! I love Aiken's voice, as it's the way these two relate to each other, the emotion and the dialogue, that makes everything so fantastic. The supporting characters, who I hope get their own books later, continue to be relevant to the plot while not detracting from the hero and heroine - plus lots of ass gets kicked! 

In general this series continues to be the fun rollercoaster ride of action and romance - is anybody else thinking about Romancing the Stone? Because I swear, after writing that last sentence, it's the image stuck in my head.

Overall Feeling - B+/A-

Series - ....4) Last Dragon Standing 5) The Dragon Who Loved Me 6) How to Drive a Dragon Crazy