Friday, December 7, 2012

Mini Me: Midnight Heat by Donna Kauffman

They called him The Predator, the investigator who never left a case unsolved, and now Dane Colbourne had set his sights on her! Adria Burke knew her quick response had prevented a tragic midair collision, but Dane wanted evidence that proved her case–and his fierce, hot look told her he wanted her just as much. Could a passionate adversary who made him lose control teach him the pleasure of playing with fire?

I wanted to finish out the series with a final review on Midnight Heat, but I'd probably have to say that by the slightest of margins it's my least favorite of the trilogy. There is nothing really wrong with it except for that the fact that it suffers from the short length. There is just so much going on this one: the romance between Dane and Adria, the mystery of the plane cross, wrapping up the final supporting characters, that not all of it receives quite as much detention as it deserves. Adria and Dane's romance works pretty well, but I would have liked it better if all the 'secret plane' stuff, to avoid being spoilery, had been done more on stage instead of being talked about later. It's a small complaint but as someone who does like suspense romances I think a little bit more length would have made you more satisfied in the end.

Still it's a good series on the whole and I'm glad I have the whole set!