Monday, December 3, 2012

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

Self-made billionaires Zane and Trey have been a club of two since they were eighteen. They’ve done everything together: play football, fall in love, even get smacked around by their dads. The only thing they haven’t tried is seducing the same woman. 

Rebecca learned early on not to trust anyone. She raised her brothers by herself—with no adult being the wiser. Her knack for cooking kept a roof over the twins’ heads. Now she’s damned if it won’t pay their way through Harvard as well. Add in running Trey’s latest restaurant, and her plate is way too full for romance. 

That’s an attitude the bad boys intend to change. Zane and Trey have set their sights on the sexy chef. When their hearts enter the equation and they both fall for her, this committed twosome faces their hardest test of all! 


 I've always loved Emma Holly but with this particular story I think she's on par with Lauren Dane in the realm of 'believable menages'. Can I make that a category? I think it should be because when things are not set up as a straight erotica, when there's a HEA with each person deserving of individual love and attention, it's not easy to get that perfect balance. Part of what I think makes it work so well here is the original attention put on the relationship between Zane and Trey. They've been together since they were teenagers and while individually they may have played around, the core of their relationship was always the two of them. Thus when Rebecca is brought in (with an amazing adeptness in regards to how both Zane and Trey separately start things off) it doesn't rock the boat. 

Still that doesn't mean things are easy.  Each of them has their own insecurities and Holly takes the time to make sure a lot of them are addressed - and doesn't skimp on the reality of how other people could view what they're doing. I probably wouldn't say I missed the volatile family reactions that Dane tends to focus on, but the vulnerability of people in the limelight choosing a non-traditional lifestyle is a real problem. There are going to people invested in their own interests who won't take no for an answer and Holly takes the time to write in a scenario that fits with the overall story. I liked all the supporting characters in this one, no one felt unnecessary or throw in there to advance the story, and I hope that some of them get their own books later. Loved it!

Overall Feeling - A

Series - None