Thursday, May 30, 2013

things I'm thinking about

I have finished nothing new and exciting lately, and even if it was sitting on my desk in front of me I'm not sure I could read it. I'm stressed. Life stressed from so many angles it's making me irritable and it's difficult to read books and give them a fair review when I'm in this mood. A couple of things on my plate? Loving a Prince Charming by Danielle Monsch and Scent of Darkness by Christine Dodd - completely different from each other but neither are catching my attention. And I can't say it's a criticism to either of the authors; I have got to get over this hump and soon, dammit!

To deal with all that I've decide to take a moment today and focus on the things that are/should be making me happy. 

1) Dragon*Con - 91 days people! The Hyatt will be taking its lovely chunk of change from me on June 1st, which makes it ALL THE MORE REAL. I have at least a couple costumes in the works (both that make me over the moon excited) so hopefully focusing on Labor Day Weekend will help me. 

2) Dim Sum - what's a happiness list without food? Some friends and I
will be venturing into Silver Spring on Sunday for some of the best dim sum in the DC area. Best part? Roast pork buns! (and turnip cakes, and fried rice steamed in leaves, and dumplings.....)

3) Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale - I'm actually kinda poor right now, what with the hotel price and plane tickets for my sorority's convention in August, but I'm a sucker for a deal. I'm not sure if/when I'll have the budget to buy all the things I want (Kate Spade metallic silver and yellow neon heels I'm looking at you) but Taylor Brand dresses in the $50-$80 range? That'll work for now!

4) Speaking of buying things, I have $10 in HauteLook credit! This never happens for me ok? Just let me bask. And be super discerning about what I use it on because shipping is no joke and I do not want to send it back!

5) xoJane and xoVain - when I'm busy and distracted for some odd reason I also find myself super bored, maybe because I'm trying to ignore all the things? Whatever the reason these two websites help a LOT, with witty writers and articles on cool stuff (mostly female related).

And that's it folks, so tell me - What's making you happy right now?