Monday, May 11, 2009

Edge of Danger by Rhyannon Byrd

Betrayed by the woman he loved, shape-shifter Michael Quinn knows it would be madness to let another lover get close—especially Saige Buchanan, the fiery, tempestuous Merrick he’s been sent to South America to protect. Yet his need for her is unlike anything he’s ever experienced, awakening a primal hunger that’s about to change Quinn’s life forever.

Rhyannon Byrd writes a pretty enjoyable book. Not perfect, not sublime, but worth the read. Edge of Danger is the latest book in her Primal Instinct trilogy, which combines vampire and werewolf characteristics in a new way, with both good and evil sporting enough personal hardware to mow down whoever might have the misfortune to be in their way. The reader was introduced to Quinn in the first book, as the kick butt wise-cracking half-breed, and the heroine Saige does well as a strong, smart, woman who’s learning to exist in a world filled with horror stories proved real. I don’t know if I’d describe it as something that really sticks out when compared to some of the other paranormal romances I’ve read, but that could be because I just finished JR Ward’s latest book.

Overall Feeling
– Thumbs up. The story was interesting, not too predictable, and the sizzle between Quinn and Saige was enough to satisfy.

– 1) Edge of Hunger 2) Edge of Danger 3) Edge of Desire (June 2009)