Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The MacGregor Grooms by Nora Roberts

In this sequel to her "New York Times" bestseller "The MacGregor Brides", Nora Roberts one again brings readers back to the warmth and charm of her beloved MacGregor family. Daniel MacGregor continues his matchmaking shenanigans as he sets out to prove to his three grandsons that he has an unerring instinct for love.

While this isn't the very first romance I ever purchased (that belongs to a certain Harlequin Presents that I still own) this is the first Nora Roberts book I ever bought and it sparked in me the love I have for everything she writes. It is the quintessential Roberts novel, even though it stands as a collection of three stories. Each one is ridiculously sweet and fun to read and you just end up so happy at the end that you feel like you're gonna burst. And I think it has to be attributed to her characters, the MacGregors themselves, along with the women and men who come into their lives, that end up shaping a terrific story. Each player is just so full of personality that they become incredibly real to the reader and thus the happy ending is even more poignant when you get to it. I highly recommend everyone of the books in this series, as for me they're guaranteed rereads and hold a well loved and worn spot on myselves and in my heart. No matter how corny that sounds.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs Up, A++++. These books are Nora Roberts at her best, and I recommend them to every reader, not just a romance reader.
Series - 1) The MacGregors: Serena ~ Caine 2) The MacGregors: Alan ~ Grant 3) The MacGregors: Daniel ~ Ian 4) The MacGregor Brides 5) The Winning Hand 6) The MacGregor Grooms 7) The Perfect Neighbor 8) Rebellion

***This is the order of when the novels were published, not necessarily the order in which couples get together. Meaning the first two books are about Daniel's children, while everything that comes after book number 3 (Daniel's book) is about his grandchildren.