Monday, May 11, 2009

Moonlight Warrior by Janet Chapman

Eve Anderson is darned tired of Kenzie Gregor meddling in her business. She might be struggling to keep herself and her ailing mother financially afloat, but she's no princess in need of a strong, capable knight in a black SUV to rescue her -- even if he is easy on the eyes. Besides, there's something very odd about him...and she's sure the strange events occurring in their small coastal Maine town are linked to his recent arrival.
Once an immortal warrior cursed to live as a panther, Kenzie is finally free to live and die as a man, and his destiny is to help other displaced souls. Of course, if he can get tiny, blue-eyed, curly blond Eve out of the deal, doesn't get any better. But she's as stubborn and fierce as a lioness, and in order to win her love, he must tempt her with forbidden desires....

Janet Chapman is always good for a light hearted romantic read. Her books are filled with just enough magic and fantasy to bring in the paranormal fans, but have enough contemporary touches to intrigue the mainstream romance reader. Her books aren’t going to change the world, but they’re definitely fun to have on your shelf. Especially if you have any love for the Scottish highland warrior – which I definitely do. Like many of her other novels, Kenzie is a strong man who after being removed from his time(one down side, this isn’t really explained because it’s assumed you’ve read her other books) is devoted to settling down in the present and helping other lost souls find their ways back to their own lives. Unsurprisingly, Eve is a slightly in distress, strong woman who while being slightly beat down by life, is determined to try and make the best of things on her own. Match? Meet flame. Sparks ensue and an enjoyable route to love is had by all.

Overall Feeling – Thumbs up. A quick, fun, read it’s good for the beach, because you don’t have to pay too much attention to get the enjoyment out of the happy ending.
Series – Janet Chapman’s website says that this is the first in a new series, but for full understanding it’s best to read her Highlander series beforehand.