Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breaking Midnight by Emma Holly

Made vulnerable by his love for a human female, powerful vampire Edmund Fitz Clare has been kidnapped by a rival faction of shapechangers. For weeks now, he’s been shackled in a dungeon far from his London home, a pawn in a deadly game to control the world.

From the terrible hour Edmund disappeared, Estelle has welcomed him in her dreams—tantalizing visions of ecstasy and fear. Each dreamwalk brings her closer to finding him, but also puts her in the psychic sights of their enemy. She’ll have to draw on every drop of courage she has: to save her lover, to help his family, to keep her very world from falling into dangerous hands.

As I said about the last one, you mostly need to be in a mood to read Emma Holly, but this sequel does a good job of making you want to read it as soon as you get it. It continues with the adventure of Edmund Fitz Clare, who after being kidnapped by some rival vampires, is being earnestly hunted for by his fiance Estelle and the rest of his family. Holly writes with her usual zest, and the result is a book filled with lust and love and a little bit of adventure. Because come on, even with torture, this is a romance novel and so you knew they were going to get him back in the end - I'm just happy that I didn't have to wait for another book for that to happen. Though truthfully I could probably just have combined this second and third book and been happy. Either way, the book is good, I can add it to my collection of Holly's books and know that I have one more to look forward too!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. It's a fun read, and typical of Holly, filled with sex and historical adventure.

Series - 1) Kissing Midnight 2) Breaking Midnight 3) Saving Midnight (August 2009)