Monday, July 6, 2009

The Spy Who Haunted Me by Simon R. Green

The legendary Independent Agent is dying who will inherit his hoard of secret information and fabulous secrets? For most of the last century, he was the greatest spy in the world, but now The Independent Agent is retiring, he has decided on one last great game - the six greatest spies in the world today must work together - and compete against each other - to solve the six greatest mysteries in the world. Whoever wins the game will also win The Agent's priceless treasure-trove of information.

Eddie Drood, aka Shaman Bond, has been invited to join the great game, and of course he can't say no, especially when he learns what the mysteries are - everything from the Tunguska Incident to the Philadelphia Experiment, to whatever the hell it was really happened at Roswell. But that means he needs to survive working alongside old friends and old enemies ...especially when the spies start dying, one by one ...And one of them is going to haunt him ...for the rest of his life.

I know I said I was gonna do a series of posts on eBooks- I am! BUT I had to get through this review first, just because it was an INCREDIBLE book. If you have not a read a Simon R. Green stop reading now and go buy one. Definitely at the pinnacle of hard core, gritty, detective (usually) driven horror, all of Green's books are fantastic. Being the latest book in Green's new series, this one picks up with our main character - Eddie Drood - being strong armed into taking part in a contest where secrets are the prize. Teleported all over the world to figure out some of its greatest mysteries, Drood and Co. lose people and more along the way. It is a prime example of the vivid and spectacular character plus world building that Green can do, with some of the horrors that this team has to face ones that I wouldn't have been able to imagine before this book.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. An incredible addition to a series that I don't want to see end - GO READ IT! NOW!

Series - 1) The Man with the Golden Torc 2) Daemons are Forever 3) The Spy Who Haunted Me