Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why do we all love Patrick Stewart?

While I realize that this particular topic is kind of random, I still feel like it's something that I want to talk about - Why do we all love Patrick Stewart? Men, women, children- why is he considered to be so cool? Why did I care whether I was in the 2nd row or the 42nd when I went to see him? He seems to be this living embodiment of older, stately elegance, one whose popularity transcends all different kinds of acting mediums - TV, big screen, theater, etc. And it's not just the Trekkies that I'm talking about here. Patrick Steward has officially engraved himself on America's heart. But what has done that- is it his accent? Is it perhaps the quiet calm that he seems to exude as easily as walking? Or maybe the stern father figure persona that he uses so adroitly- the wise mentor that through his own trials and tribulations is able to impart impeccable advice? I don't know what it is, but I've got to say that it's incredible to see.

I mean, he's so ingrained in popular cultural as this terrific figure, that when I came back from Dragon*Con and told a friend that after hearing him speak I wanted him to be my grandfather, she replied "You mean instead of your sex toy?" SEX TOY! He might not have been seen as a typical sex icon, especially at the beginning of his Star Trek career, but now he is! As Professor Xavier and through so many other roles, he has an almost George Cloony like image- except, of course, without the playboy reputation.

But what about you? Are you a Patrick Stewart fan? If you are, and are willing to share, do you think of him more in 'fatherly' terms or would you like the chance to get to know Mr. Stewart on a more 'personal' basis?