Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm BaaaaAAAaack!

Hey Everyone - I'm back! (random side note - why can I not write that without picturing the end of Independence Day? LOL)

After neglecting my inner blogger for quite a while, I'm revving up for a marathon session. Dragon*Con was incredible and while I might not have spent as much actual face to face time with authors this year, I don't regret a single minute of it! Unfortunately I'm stuck at work so I can't post a random assortment of pictures of the ins and outs of that weekend, but let's go through a few highlights, shall we?

Friday, Sept 4 - I think, even though I attended a hilarious panel held by Ensign Harry Kim (Garrett Wang), my favorite event on Friday was going to a live action performance of Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog! I hadn't seen it before going to Dragon*Con (shame) and even though I couldn't hear all the words, being surrounded by all these people who knew every word to every song? Greatness!

Runner up for Friday - I almost forgot to mention the Buffy panel I went to, with Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz (Cordelia and Darla). A lot of fun, it gave great insight into the characters and the women that made up Joss Whedon's worlds.

Saturday, Sept 5 - Two words - PATRICK STEWART! That's right, Captain Jean-Luc Picard! I don't care how much of a Trekkie this makes me sound, I was center, maybe 5 rows back, from possibly my favorite Star Trek captain! (I say possibly, because I really like Kate Mulgrew - Captain Janeway - as well) Don't pretend you're not jealous!

Sunday, Sept 6 - Sherrilyn Kenyon signing! I got quite a few things signed by her last year actually, but I spent another 3.5 hours in line to get more! It was actually amazing that my friend and I were even able to get in line for this because you needed a wristband - not that they told anyone that. If we hadn't struck up a random conversation with the guy at Sherrilyn Kenyon's booth on Friday we would have had no idea! Well anyway, the universe was looking positively upon us and we were able to get in line.

Monday, Sept 7 - Monday was a slow last day, so I gotta say my favorite part of it was getting fitted for a corset. I know - weird right? But they were beautiful- Lace with steel boning. I didn't end up having enough money to get one that day, but I know my size and eventually one will be mine! If you want to check them out yourself, take a look at Scarlett's Corset.

Ok, to try and keep this post from being too epic I'm going to stop now. But there were other things I might bring up for discussion later - the future of Urban Fantasy, Goth in the Mainstream, Fetish panels - all sorts of adventures (sometimes concerning books, sometimes not) but were always interesting and informative. Plus - pictures!