Friday, November 6, 2009

A Highlander Christmas by Janet Chapman

Camry MacKeage has absolutely no intention of telling her parents that she left her job as a NASA physicist for the small-town life of a dog-sitter -- which is why she's spending the holidays alone in coastal Maine with her furry friends Tigger and Max. Unfortunately, her irresistibly handsome rival, scientist Luke Pascal, accidentally spilled the beans. Now he's on a mission from her mother to tempt Camry home for the family's annual winter solstice celebration. But Luke is hiding his own secret, and he'll need a little bit of magic to earn Camry's trust...and a whole lot of mistletoe to seduce his way into her heart.

Chapman has pulled out another cute little Christmas romance. The other books of hers that I've read have concentrated on the historical twist shes adds to this series, but the contemporary feel to this particular novel, mixed in with a few magical elements, makes it stand out. I was really amused by the idea of a nuclear physicist throwing her hands up at it all and becoming a dog walker - Chapman just pulls it off well and definitely gets the reader rooting for Camry. Luke is another great leading man, someone who after spending most of his life firmly in reality gets a taste of what life can offer those who look beyond their noses. Together they make a very cute couple and their journey from career nemeses to husband and wife is a good one.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. Not incredible but still a lot of fun and a somewhat atypical Christmas romance.

Series - 1) Charming the Highlander 2) Loving the Highlander 3) Wedding the Highlander 4) Tempting the Highlander 5) Only with a Highlander 6) Secrets of the Highlander 7) A Highlander Christmas