Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Vampires in My Life

I hate to have to admit inspiration from an E! countdown, but the other day I saw them do 'Top 10 Vampires We Love' and I just couldn't take it. Some of their picks I agreed with but because they were only focusing on TV/Movie vampires I feel like they left out a lot. And, since I'm a girl (duh!) and my vampires don't have to appeal to anyone other than me, I've decided to do a list with just male vampires. Different ages and genres, along with a wide range of different methods of distribution to the public, but here is a list of the Top Vampires in My Life, along with a couple runners up that I thought were definitely worth mentioning.

11. Simon, The Silver Kiss - People love to talk about Twilight as the epitome of teen vampire romance and angst, but I think that's mainly because they haven't read about Zoe and Simon in The Silver Kiss. I think there is no truer expression of love then in this book, where in spite of her desire to be changed, Simon sticks to his guns and his understanding of what being a vampire actually means and refuses to make Zoe a vampire. Instead, in one of the most poignant goodbyes ever, he sits with her to see his last sunrise.

10. James, Secret Vampire - James and Poppy are a good example of when, if the heroine is DYING, I can see making a teenager a vampire. Plus the whole series features younger heroes and heroines so it's not too much of a surprise that this storyline makes an appearance.

9. Louie, Interview With the Vampire - Louie was probably my first 'grown up' vampire - who wowed me with the tall, dark, and handsome bit. With his crazy eyes (contacts were never so attractive) and Brad Pitt's lips who couldn't love Louie?!?! Plus he was so kick ass and tormented in a non-whimpy way.

8. Wrath, Dark Lover - In Ward's first book on her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Wrath makes his appearance as the ruler and savior of his species. Definitely one of the best examples of a H-O-T alpha male, it is his complete devotion to Beth and the reality that his life is only complete with her in it that makes him so easy love and totally irresistible.

7. Eric, Sookie Stackhouse Series - Eric squeeks by on my list and not Bill because I think Eric is just a lot more real. He's always been up front with Sookie about how he feels and reading (I don't watch the show!) through the transformation where physical attraction leads into real feelings is so engaging, it's just one more place for Charlaine Harris shines in this series.

6. Constantine, Sunshine - Constantine is probably the most unusual hero to place on this list just because McKinley doesn't write the stereotypical vampire figure. All of the vampires in this book are hugely 'other' and their existence is very antithetical to the existence of humans. Sunshine and Constantine banding together and their attraction is not typically romantic. It just is, as something that can't be changed by any outside forces. That connection and the unique world and storyline of the novel is what places him so high on my list.

5. Jean-Claude, Anita Blake Series - No vampire list could really be complete without Jean-Claude. The very essence of temptation and sin from Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books, he's just incredible. Alive for centuries you always get the feeling that he's done just about anything and could teach you things you've never even dreamed of - all without breaking a sweat. How is that not sexy?!?!

4. (x2) Spike and Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Number 4/3 had to be a tie because even after all these years I still cannot choose between Angel and Spike. When I was younger, and the TV series was younger, Angel of course was the winner, with all his brooding sexiness. But as seasons went by and Spike went from just a cute bad guy to a soul toting hero in his own right my feelings changed. I could have sworn that after he attacked Buffy that there was no way he was worming his way back into
my affection but he just loved her so much. Even when he knows that she doesn't love him. And at the end when sacrifices himself for her and for the world it just sealed his place on this list. So yeah - I couldn't decide between the two, so Angel and Spike make it high up on this list.

2. Rhage, Lover Eternal - Rhage makes it higher on my list I think because it was even more touching to read about his falling in love with Mary who had cancer and enough emotional issues to fill an issue. And of course, he had his addiction to sex caused by a curse he couldn't seem to get a handle of. Plus the story itself was so atypical with Mary doing a very good case of emotional emptiness due to her diagnosis and in Rhage being a very atypical hero when he goes to have sex with another woman in the middle of the book - after he's identified Mary as his true love. Nothing is easy in this book and these two people, brought together after so much hardship, make a story that I will read over and over again.

1. Thierry, Soulmate - Thierry wins because he loves Hannah so much that he commits himself to their love even knowing that he will be forced to watch her die over and over again. As an old soul Hannah is reborn, but instead of halting her destiny, instead of forcing her into one body forever, he devotes himself to her, to their eternity together. But it's going to be hard. To be with her and watch her grow old and eventually die - and then wait. Wait for her to be reborn and for him to find her again, all knowing that the cycle is going to repeat itself. AHH! SO ROMANTIC! I know I'm a fool but this just gets to me!

Honorable Mentions
1. Mikhail, Christine Feehan's Dark Series - I love Mikhail but to be fair to the category he's not a vampire, he's a Carpathian so he get's an honorable mention.
2. Ash, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters Series - Same thing with Ash, he's not a vampire and actually only really drinks Artemis's blood, but he's so cool that he also gets a shout out.