Friday, July 15, 2011

Out of Control by Shannon McKenna

Disillusioned P.I Davy McCloud has learned the hard way not to follow blind impulse when it comes to women. He'd rather play it safe, and keep his life simple, calm and uncomplicated. But he's prepared to make an exception when Margot Vetter shows up to teach at the gym next door. The luscious, mysterious woman stirs a hunger he hasn't felt in a long time, as well as a fierce protectiveness he can't quite explain, expecially when her background check reveals she's hiding secrets--secrets of the ugly, deadly kind.

Margot is at the end of her rope. It's bad enough that she's broke and on the run, framed for a murder she didn't commit. Now, she's being terrorized by a malevolent stalker. The only person she dares to turn to is buff, scarily gorgeous Davy McCloud, a man who seems like nothing on earth could intimidate him. But Davy has questions of his own, and the closer she gets to him, the more Margot discovers that she can't hold herself back from this enigmatic, sensual man in any way.

Neither of them expected passion to flare this quickly--or to drag them into a danger as real as their love. Margot's past has finally caught up with her.
And for Davy McCloud, life is about to get more than complicated . . .

It's turning deadly . . . 
I've realized that I have to get this review up right now or I'm going to be colored by my feelings for the next McKenna book I'm reading. I'm going to try and think about this one separately, but just ignore any random references to other stuff - hopefully it'll all make sense later.

Out of Control I'm almost positive is the first full length Shannon McKenna book I've ever read (because I may have read some short stories in anthologies). Initially I requested it from the library because of the romantic suspense challenge I'm taking part in, but I've got to say I'm very happy to be introduced to a new author. I'm still on the fence on whether she'll be an automatic purchase or not, but she's definitely a great library choice.

As a romantic suspense Out of Control works very well for me. The point of view flip flops a bit between the murderer and Davy and Margot, which due to just how CRAZY that character is is an interesting dichotomy. It kept me on edge as I tried to figure out just when there was going to be a show down amongst everyone.

The relationship between Davy and Margot wasn't too bad either. I feel like as a reader I was thrown into everyone's emotional baggage so quickly that sometimes I didn't understand why one person would react a certain way to the other. For example, Davy  would get angry at Margot about things she did/reactions she had, and all I could think of was 'do you remember what she told you about her past?! Get a grip here pal!' Still the sparks were pretty explosive between the two and the slower build-up reminded me a quite a bit of some old school Linda Howard books.

All in all I'd recommend this book, but there's something about it I don't completely love. I think I'm putting my finger on it a bit more with Hot Night, but I'll let guys know!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - 1) Behind Closed Doors 2) Standing in the Shadows 3) Out of Control 4) Edge of Midnight 5) Extreme Danger 6) Ultimate Weapon 7) Fade to Midnight