Monday, December 19, 2011

Mini Me: Nine-tenths of the Law by L.A. Witt

Without trust, common ground can get pretty shaky…

“I believe you have something of mine, Zach.”

Zach Owens doesn’t even know who this angry stranger is, let alone what the man is talking about—until he learns what they have in common. Their boyfriend, Jake. Once Jake’s out of the picture, Zach’s apology to Nathan Forrester leads to a long conversation, a kiss, and a chemistry that goes far beyond revenge sex.

Nathan can’t help but fall for the sexy movie theater owner, but it’s a long way from sheet-tearing sex to mutual trust. And a series of “coincidences” that throws Zach into Jake’s company leaves him unconvinced Zach was the complete innocent in their previous love triangle.

Zach can’t seem to make Nathan believe that Jake is up to something. But protesting his innocence isn’t working, and Jake’s carefully orchestrated campaign to destroy their love could leave them both with nothing…


Nine-tenths of the Law seems to be one of those books the blog-o-sphere just loves. They gush over it, along with most of the titles by L.A. Witt, and while I don't dislike this particular book I can't say I was incredibly amazed by it either.

The relationship was fine, there was a good progression from revenge sex to actual relationship, but for some reason this isn't going to be one that sticks out in my mind. Maybe I was just in a blah mood when I read it because thinking back over it the story had just enough drama to not annoy me but enough emotion to be worthwhile. Zach and Nathan get together after Nathan busts in on a date Zach's on with Nathan's boyfriend. It was a little strange how they went from this to having sex with each other but, shrug, I try not to think too hard about the sex setup in eroticas.

Ultimately this story is about love and trust and how much you have to be willing to give of yourself for things to work. Maybe I didn't love it, but there's some like here and if you're lucky enough to be like me and find it for free from the Nook store, worth a read.