Saturday, December 17, 2011

Move Me by Emma Holly

BELLE’s eccentric Uncle Lucky left her his spooky house in the tiny village of Kingaken. Twenty years ago, her little brother disappeared here, never to be heard from again. Returning to the place for the first time in so long resurrects more ghosts than she cares to face. When it also summons a sexy faerie, with an agenda of his own, Belle had best pray her luck is better than her sibling’s.

I know that technically this title is a part of Holly's Hidden series but it reminds me quite a bit of the world she set up in Fairyville. That's in no way a bad thing, I consider Holly one of the queens of the short, sweet, and sexy format, but if you've read that one then this one will be comfortably familiar. As a faerie Duvall doesn't have the same hangups about sex and most of the time it invigorates and empowers him, which is part of the reason the somewhat quick jump into a sexual relationship works. Duvall is already prepared to 'do the deed' and when Belle turns out to be both smart and attractive, any barriers he might have had are pushed aside.

But even with the fantastically hot sex that's in this story, it's really about love and family. Belle's brother Danny had been kidnapped years ago and she's still trying to recover from that trauma. Trusting Duvall and his feelings for her is incredibly hard, as is trying to warm up and be open with any of the people in Kingaken (the town). Luckily, and probably unsurprising for those who already knew this was a holiday tale, there's a HEA in store for everyone, as the magic of the season and the people come together. Yes that sentence is corny but it's also true, so deal :-D.


Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - 1) Hidden Talent 2) Hidden Depths 3) Move Me

*Title requested from author for review**