Monday, August 20, 2012

10 days....

That's right folks, at the time of this posting there are 10 DAYS UNTIL DRAGON*CON 2012!!!! It's down to the wire for me and my costumes, which thank goodness are nearing completion. I have mad respect for the people who do this on a regular basis - not only is it incredibly time consuming, but the level of commitment and skill necessary to really pull off a costume is immense. I'm doing maybe (*maybe*) 1/4 of the work of a professional and I've found myself contemplating a good cry in the corner more than once. Still I think I'm gonna make it, if for nothing else than to see all the people I love at the event itself!

Getting ready!

As far as hard -core stalkery goes, this year there are a few (heh) names on my list that I want to see/obsess over. They are:

Laurell K. Hamilton
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Nancy L. Holder
Mercedes Lackey
Larry Dixon

Gillian Anderson
Dean Cain
James Marsters
Jason Momoa
Amy Okuda
Billy Boyd
Felicia Day
Burt Ward
Adam West
Garrett Wang
Sean Maher
Kathy Najimy
Robert Picardo
Tim Russ
Richard Dean Anderson
Grant Imahara
Anthony Michael Hall
Adam Baldwin
Amber Benson
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Jonathan Frakes
Juliet Landau
Joe Manganiello
Jason Momoa
Nichelle Nichols
Robin Thorsen
Jeff Lewis
Vincent Caso
Sandeep Parikh

Yaya Han

But you know what these names say to me?

The Guild Panel
Last year at Dragon*Con it was a Guild panel that even got me watching the webseries. The actors were that hilarious and awesome.

Star Trek Panels
Oh Star Trek. Whether you're full of Voyager people or those from TNG you guarantee entertainment and possible dramatic exits. Score.

Buffy/Angel Panels
I can't wait to see Juliet Landau - and with James Marsters even! I haven't heard her speak before so I've got my fingers crossed for even more great cast anecdotes.

Mercedes Lacky
She just may get me back into the author line this year. Her books have been favorites of mine for years and still maintain ample bookshelf space. I've got my fingers crossed it won't take forever and a day because I'd really love to come back with some signed pieces. 

Adam West & Burt Ward vs Jason Mamoa & Joe Manganiello
These...these are the outliers. Both are incredibly popular icons of geeky goodness, but all are people I'd really only see because they were there - not because I, you know, loved them deeply. They're on the list but huge lines could definitely send me else where.

For anyone else joining me at Dragon*Con, who do you want to see? Or if you're not going, who are your favorites?