Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty has been tapped as the keynote speaker for the First International Conference on Paranatural Studies, taking place in London. The conference brings together scientists, activists, protestors, and supernatural beings from all over the world—and Kitty, Ben, and Cormac are right in the middle of it.

Master vampires from dozens of cities have also gathered in London for a conference of their own. With the help of the Master of London, Kitty gets more of a glimpse into the Long Game—a power struggle among vampires that has been going on for centuries—than she ever has before. In her search for answers, Kitty has the help of some old allies, and meets some new ones, such as Caleb, the alpha werewolf of the British Isles. The conference has also attracted some old enemies, who’ve set their sights on her and her friends.

All the world’s a stage, and Kitty’s just stepped into the spotlight.

I love this series. Seriously. Even if the details of the first few books get a little fuzzy (which I think I should be forgiven for since we're 10 books in) I still find Kitty and her pack completely entertaining. Vaughn has navigated the tricky waters of giving her main character her HEA without forgetting the rest; just because Kitty and Ben are married doesn't mean that the good guys have finally won or that there isn't more work to do.

I think what keeps me committed is that each book feels 'complete' almost while still not losing the threads of the Long Game. As a reader it can be hard for me to maintain the same level of care that I used to have for a series, I admit that even with this one it took me a minute to work up the energy to read it. But Kitty is immediately someone you identify with, a woman trying to survive in a world that doesn't know what to do with her and in the face of an evil that wants to control her (and everyone). There's a lot of action in this book and more Cormac (yay!) along with familiar faces from previous books. 

The ending is cliffhanger-esque in that it's definitely setting up the next few books (or the rest of the series, I don't know) but we still get to see Kitty take one more step into taking that mantal of leadership she's not sure she deserves. I guess I'm always going to be a sucker for the reluctant hero, the one who makes the best of bad situation. 

Overall Feeling - A

Series - ....8) Kitty Goes to War 9) Kitty's Big Trouble 10) Kitty Steals the Show