Monday, August 26, 2013

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by Tielle St. Clare

Blinded by a crazed doctor, Reese knows he has no chance of ever finding a mate...what good is a blind werewolf to anyone? But when an accident puts him in the path of a sexy veterinarian, Reese can’t control his wolf’s desire to have the lovely human.

Kieve couldn’t be more surprised when a neighbor brings him an injured wolf. It only takes a few minutes to realize the affectionate animal is someone’s pet and not a wild creature. While he searches for the animal’s owners, he begins having the strangest dreams—a hot sexy man in his bed, making love to him, and then turning into the pretty wolf right before his eyes. It’s clearly a sign he needs to get laid.

Reese tries to stay away from Kieve. It wouldn’t take much for his wolf to imprint on the delicious doctor. But Reese’s past isn’t finished with him yet and if he doesn’t find a way to deal with it, he’ll have no future with Kieve.

So after finishing Let Sleeping Wolves Lie I just had to buy A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing. Even though he hadn't been at the center of the last book Reese was intriguing, the blind werewolf who refuses to bottom to anyone, and I wanted to learn more about his backstory while he found his HEA. I think though that it was exactly his backstory that made this book not quite as good as the last for me- there's just so much going on that it's hard to tackle it all in a format as short as this. Reese has a lot of violence and abuse in his past, due to his time in captivity by a crazy scientist, and when people start popping back up from it he's forced to deal with it all incredibly rapidly.

Now that's not to say Kieve doesn't do as much as he can to help. I applaud Clare for writing a hero that works to not only respect Reese's boundaries and soft spots, but to push them when needed, in ways that only Reese can say are appropriate. Communication is an even bigger necessity than in Wolves but I would have liked more pages to really explore the emotional ramifications of sustained sexual and physical abuse. It would probably not have been as 'fun' to read as steamy eroticas usually are, but I think it would have been truthful to Reeses's history and his future with Kieve.

Overall Feeling - B-

Series - 1) Let Sleeping Wolves Lie 2) A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
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