Monday, August 19, 2013

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie by Tielle St. Clare

When something tall, dark and yummy crosses Dex's threshold, his inner Omega wolf goes on full alert. Instinct tells Dex he's met his mate but the man seems less than thrilled at the prospect. And has totally suppressed his inner wolf.

Maddock has no intention of getting involved with any man, especially a little hottie who's a little nuts. The guy actually thinks he's a werewolf and that Maddock is one as well.

But resisting temptation is harder than he imagined. The full moon is on the rise and instinct can't be denied forever.

This can’t end well.

I haven't read a true erotic novel in what feels like forever and is anyone really surprised that the woman who got me to come back to it is Tielle St. Clare? She almost feels like a part of my youth, lol, since it was my time at Duke (stuck without a public library and far away from bookstores) that had me stumbling onto the Ellora's Cave website. I feel as if it's only Tielle St. Clare that can have me totally invested in a completely over the top gay werewolf and pair him with an 'only kinda sorta gay' werewolf who doesn't know he's a werewolf. Anybody confused yet?

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie is a quick, sexy erotica that has just enough emotion for me to make it believable. Maddock isn't perfect and even though his and Dex's bedroom antics are OFF THE CHARTS (seriously - o_O) that doesn't mean that magically they'll find the perfect partner in each other. Both have to admit to their feelings and work hard to become someone the other can connect with and ultimately that's what had me hooked (and invested enough to immediately buy book two).

Overall Feeling - B

Series - 1) Let Sleeping Wolves Lie 2) A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
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