Monday, December 6, 2010

Back from the only sorta lovely land of convalescence

Hey Everyone! Sorry things have been so kind of topsy turvy lackadaisical here at RAtChaos. I had some personal stuff jump into the forefront and it's been taking me some time to get back on the horse. Plus there was the fact that since during my convalescence I only seemed to be reading books I'd read a million times before didn't exactly put me in the reviewing mood! I felt like I was letting people down or something, reading nothing new but a lot of ones I'd read before (and an insane number of Shelly Laurenstons). I hope to have everything back to normal soon, with a post going over the books I read in November scheduled to be up later today!

Random side note:
You know what I did think about while recovering? How much I wish I could read with my eyes closed. I don't like audio books (I have this weird thing about hearing other people read/pronounce words I say in my head differently) but sometimes when I don't want to watch TV or sleep it's almost more than I can do to force my eyes to stay open and read!

I wish I had some kind of cool device that I could attach to the sides of my head and would project the words into my mind. Then I could just read them with my mind's eye and not actually have to continue with the physical work of making my eyes focus and go across the page. Who knows, I could be the new cuter Geordie :)