Friday, May 20, 2011

Ok where was I when Tor decided to vote on top UF sidekicks?

I hope I was someplace REALLY FREAKING AMAZING as I'm sad that I didn't get to vote AND I didn't see this post until almost a month afterward. 

Thank goodness for Rob Thurman. Her blog teaches me so many new (and randomly fantastic) things. Though I have to say she was linking to the blog and ranting, rightfully so, how Niko and Robin Goodfellow didn't even get a damn honorable mention. No one apparently got the memo that they are some of the coolest sidekicks ever.

I don't dislike most of the list, though Tor did pluck some characters from series that while I know I haven't read anything from, which makes it slightly harder for me to judge.

It's a really fun list, but then they did this:


which made me do this: 
That's supposed to be Andrea? What the hell is wrong with people? Did anyone speak to the Ilona Andrews people and get this ish approved? Because come on now - who's going to believe that this woman is able to kick anyone's ass? Doe she look tough enough to take Raphael down a peg or two whenever his 'feathers are all ruffled'? I'm not saying the woman they chose to represent Andrea can't be cute, but she definitely doesn't have that 'I will take you down' look in her eyes.  Plus she needs a gun. I'm just saying.

Shame on you Tor. Do better.

(And if you didn't click on any of the links above (including the pictures) you can find the full article and top 10 UF sidekicks HERE.)