Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear

Jake Silver doesn't believe in fate or dream mating, despite the fact his brother and other family members have been afflicted with this strange notion. But when dreams begin to plague him about a woman so seductive, he wakes up in a sweat and he's losing way too much sleep over it, he seeks to learn the truth. Can dream mating be a reality? Is the woman real?

Alicia Greiston doesn't dream. Not ever. So when a man visits her in the first dream she's ever had, she's startled, pleased, then alarmed. He's not going away, and the dreams take a sinister turn. He's in trouble, and if the dreams are a foreshadowing of the future, she has to save him.

It took me a lot of thinking to narrow down why this book didn't work for me. I like werewolves, I like contemporary, I even like books where  the man immediately senses/knows that the other woman is his mate. Unfortunately none of that in Dreaming of the Wolf were able to make me believe in what was going on.

Without getting too spoilery, Alicia doesn't know that Jake is a werewolf when she meets him and doesn't know that there are werewolves at all until she gets turned into one. But somehow she's completely ok with going back with Jake to his pack, becoming part of this pack, and letting them run roughshod over her entire life? Uh, how about a big HELL NO people! 

I liked Jake, he seems to be a nice enough guy who's in love with a woman he thought was human (which somehow meant they couldn't be together - this must be explained somewhere else in the series) who has to rethink everything when she's turned. He wasn't so much where I had the problem, even if he also just assumed Alicia would be good to go with everything. Alicia drove me nuts too! If I read one more time that Jake was the prince of her happily ever after I was gonna lose it. Be in love with your man - I'm reading a romance so I'd like that to happen - but how about you show some kind of realistic reaction to your entire life getting turned upside down? HEA isn't going to fix the fact that all of a sudden you're turning into a WOLF or that the pack you've stumbled across isn't planning to let you leave - like ever.

I admit this is the first Terry Spear that I've read and that maybe I'd feel differently if I knew the members of the pack and how it functioned a bit better, but this story just didn't work for me at all.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs down.

Series - ... 6) Wolf Fever 7) Heart of the Highland Wolf 8) Dreaming of the Wolf (Dec 2011)

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