Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September in Review

September was a big month, what with Dragon*Con madness and all. I wasn't able to successfully stalk Jen from Epbot but I did attend some pretty spectacular panels - and I didn't have to wait in line forever either! But, because I'm a bit of a slacker and procrastinator (I know, surprising right?), I'm *still* not done with my daily recaps. I can make up a little with links here to day 1 and day 2. The posts are longer than usual I admit but there are some pretty amazing pictures to try and make it better :D. How do I know they're amazing? Because they include stuff like this:


See? I'm not lying.

Now on to the books!

Supernatural by Ione, Ivy, Frank, Aiken
Hidden Talents by Emma Holly
Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston
Canyons of Night by Jayne Castle
Heart Search by Robin D. Owens
Coming Undone by Lauren Dane
Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews
Dark Predator by Christine Feehan
Never Enough by Lauren Dane
Once and Again by Lauren Dane
Beast Behaving Badly by Shelly Laurenston
Rush of Pleasure by Rhyannon Byrd
Chaos Tryst by Shirin Dubbin
The Mane Attraction by Shelly Laurenston
One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire
Hidden Depths by Emma Holly

Books Read/Reviewed:

PS -  I think I'm going to fail miserably with my two reading challenges for the year but you can check out my progress either through the link in the side bar or by clicking HERE.