Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tiger, Tiger by Robyn Donald

Not only opposites attract!

When Lecia first spotted Keane Paget, his presence burned like a shining beacon. He was handsome, certainly, and profoundly male, but the face that stared back at her was otherwise her own!

Lecia was stunned…hypnotized…and it wasn't just his likeness—an unsettling, wild attraction immediately coursed between them. They say that the greater the resemblance, the happier the relationship. But Lecia's passions had only ever led to heartbreak—and guilt!

No, Keane Paget was dangerous. Not only did he have her face, he seemed to see inside her soul! They were too alike for comfort. Resist, resist…. 

Oh Tiger, Tiger - this is book is such an oldy but a goodie for me. I count this as the very first full fledged romance I ever bought (or was bought for me) and it holds a very special place in my heart. I remember picking it up from the book section in K-Mart and reading the entire time I was grocery shopping with my mom. To the point that when I asked her to buy it for me she didn't know why I cared since I only had about 10pgs left! 

The best thing about Tiger, Tiger? This book remains both an example of classic HP stories and a modern romance. Yes I'd say you have to kind of wrap your head around the way Keane and Lecia interact, it definitely retains that 90's feel, but I still enjoy the romance every time I pick it back up. Though I did find myself trying to explain the non-incestuous IN ANY WAY plot to friends who read the back of the book and wow did that remind me how things were rarely what they seemed in those days. I think I can safely say that these days you probably aren't going to find a lot of romances centered around two people who look so much alike that people could mistake them for twins. 

Still, to get to the actual review, I think what makes this book so enjoyable are the characters. Keane is right on the cusp of being too autocratic with Lecia, as he's supposed to be so handsome with this intense animal magnetism that women just can't help but fall for. And yeah Lecia does fall for him but at least she's hesitant about it, and doesn't make any wildly irresponsible decisions. And then Keane shows some emotion and reveals a traumatic past and then who isn't rooting for the damaged soul to find his heart?!

I think this book is part of HP's 'Treasures' list, meaning it should be available on ebook, and I highly recommend it. 

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - None.