Saturday, November 19, 2011

Desert Warrior by Nalini Singh

The fabled desert kingdom of Zulheina was Tariq's birthright, and he was a man who held tightly what belonged to him. And that meant he had to reclaim a very special woman--the woman who had broken his heart years before in New Zealand. And once he had lured her to this distant land, he meant to keep his new bride here forever....

But Jasmine Coleridge was not as easily tamed as he had imagined. Her beguiling blend of untouched innocence and dazzling sensuality threatened, once again, to bring the haughty sheikh to his knees--and made him wonder who was the true prisoner....

THIS IS SO OLD SCHOOL! It was hilarious for me to read Singh doing the 'desert sheikh' book, especially since I am only slightly ashamed to admit that it was a favorite genre of mine years ago. I even have a whole set of them from my Silhouette Desire days, though I missed out on this release the first time around.

Tariq is the quintessential desert prince, hot blooded but determined not to open his heart and be vulnerable to Jasmine. Jasmine is the no longer quite so naive American, returning to Tariq to help him through the grief of losing his parents but also to claim the love she's never forgotten (see? the DRAMA!).

Tariq ends up being just the right amount of jerky alpha and emotional lover, which I think is a great example of why these books worked so well. It's old school but full of spark, as Jasmine works to show Tariq the new independence she's gained and how their love will make them both whole. There's so much familiar to me about the story but even with that Singh's voice and style make it unique and a stand out of the genre. 

If you can get your hands on the combo release of this and Lord of the Abyss I highly recommend it since both are a fun read and fantastic additions to anyone's library.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - None (?)

**Title requested from NetGalley for review**