Monday, November 21, 2011

Mini Me: Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon

A stunning and suspenseful new landscape emerges in the thrilling Dark-Hunter world—a world where nothing will ever be the same again. . .

Fang Kattalakis isn't just a wolf. He is the brother of two of the most powerful members of the Omegrion: the ruling council that enforces the laws of the Were-Hunters. And when war erupts among the lycanthropes, sides must be chosen. Enemies are forced into shaky alliances. And when the woman Fang loves is accused of betraying her people, her only hope is that Fang believes in her. Yet in order to save her, Fang must break the law of his people and the faith of his brothers. That breech could very well spell the end of both their races and change their world forever.

The war is on and time is running out...

Can I tell you a secret? You can't tell anyone else ok?

I'm not sure if I really like Sherrilyn Kenyon as much as I used to.

Shhhh! I know - you don't have to tell me! Blaspheme, right? I'm so gonna get kicked out of the book bloggers guild for this one. I just had to let it out though. I picked up Bad Moon Rising for super cheap at Barnes and Noble a few weekends ago and it wasn't the same! I'm not sure what happened but I think it might be that the world is just TOO BIG. There's so much all the time and for a minute there after Acheron I didn't really know where Kenyon was going to go with the series. She's pulled that out (though I am STILL not a fan of Nick's storyline), but the series as a whole doesn't bring me the same joy. It might have something to do with the time jumping. Yeah, I definitely think that's part of it. In the beginning the books were linear and there was a progression of the character's lives, but now it seems to change not only with every new book but within the book as well! I can't always be expected to remember what happened 17 books ago! I'm just not that cool.

For those other true ride or die fans out there, Fang and Aimee's story is by no means bad. I'd been waiting for this ever since Vane's book and Kenyon for the most part doesn't disappoint. There's a sudden side story addition of just why Fang was in a coma for so long, which was completely unexpected, but the relationship between the two of them was a joy to read. If you can find it super cheap or pick it up from the library I recommend it, but do not expect this to be a stand alone.