Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Lure of Song and Magic by Patricia Rice

Her voice was a curse...
When Dylan "Oz" Oswin's son is kidnapped, the high-powered producer will do anything to get him back. Desperately  following an anonymous tip, he seeks help from a former child singing sensation called Syrene, only to find she's vowed never to sing again. Immune to her voice but not her charm, Oz is convinced she holds the key to his son's disappearance- and he'll stop at nothing to make her break her vow.

But he must make her sing...
She knows the devastation her talent can bring. There's more than a child's life at stake, but Syrene cannot unleash her dangerous siren's voice upon the world, even for a man who is impossible to deny

Ok so I can't make this reveal suspenseful - I LOVED this book! I had it in my NetGalley que for a while because even though it sounded pretty good and I requested it, I just couldn't decide if it was something I really wanted to read. I should probably trust my 'new book' instincts more often - I feel that this is more the moral of this round about tale.

The best part of Rice's story is definitely Oz and Pippa. The both of them have very opposing views about how their respective lives are going to go: Pippa wants to be left alone to write her children books and Oz wants to find his son - even if he has to go through Pippa to do it. The fact that they were attracted to each other caused some worries on both sides and resulted in tension, sparks, and general craziness whenever they were together. I mean, how many romance books do you read where within moments of meeting each other the hero throws the heroine in her own pool?

Another great element of this story was Pippa's siren heritage/magical abilities. On her website Rice said that she worked really hard to ride that fine line in the book so it would appeal to both contemporary romance readers and fantasy lovers and I think she did an awesome job. Pippa's powers are hinted at/discussed quite a bit, but it never overwhelms the romance at the heart of it all. Plus Rice brings in enough supporting characters to keep me VERY interested in a sequel!

Highly recommended and I can't wait to pick up some of her backlist!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - 1) The Lure of Song and Magic (? - I'm not positive that it's a series but I'm hoping!)

**Title requested from NetGalley for review**