Monday, November 14, 2011

Mini Me: Run For Your Life by Andrea Kane

Manhattan attorney Victoria Kensington is deeply alarmed when she runs into her sister, Audrey, in Central Park -- clad in a hospital gown and fleeing from unknown pursuers. As Audrey collapses at her feet, warning about danger, Victoria rushes for help. When she returns, Audrey has vanished from sight.

Despite threats against her life, Victoria vows to discover her sister's whereabouts. She works alone until the only man she ever loved, Zachary Hamilton, suddenly appears in New York. Assigned to investigate a worldwide drug syndicate, he suspects it may tie in to Audrey's disappearance. Together, Victoria and Zach race against the clock to crack the deadly drug ring and and Audrey. While they work, they and the white-hot electricity between them recharging to a fever pitch. Pursuing the shocking truth that might tear Victoria's family irrevocably apart, she and Zach begin to unravel a complex web of deceit -- which echoes terrifyingly back to Victoria's own life.

Overall I'd have to give this book a 'good but not great' review. The suspense plot was not bad, Kane definitely did a great job of keeping me in the dark about who was actually doing all the bad stuff, which I think is very important when you're marketing something as a 'romantic thriller'. I think where Run For Your Life mostly fell short for me was in the romance department. Something about Victoria and Zach just didn't ring true. I can't even put my finger on exactly what it was, because their interaction reminded me a lot of some early Linda Howard's that I own, but ultimately while I'm a sucker for a HEA I just wasn't as enthused about this one. I picked up this title from a used bookstore because of my still strong love for Scent of Danger, but I'm remaining undecided on how ultimately I feel about Kane and her books in general.

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