Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Reading Amidst the Chaos

Well maybe not really a new RAtChaos, but definitely a new review rubric. More often lately I've been feeling hemmed in by my 'thumbs up, thumbs down, eh' review style. I may say what I feel about the book in my review but by the time I get down to the 'Overall Feeling' section I'm not happy with my choices. Even though they are my choices and I have no one to blame but myself.

Thus in 2012 I'm going to push to be more clear and exact about my feelings when I give an overall review and so I'm making the switch to a grading system. Boring I know, but I think it'll work better for me in the long run as a reviewer and better for you as the reader because I'll now be able to give you the option of 'quick and dirty' regarding all the books.

The New System:

A: If you could see me I would be doing a happy dance of epic proportions.

B: While slightly less spastic and entertaining, a B book still has some pretty wonderful things going for it.

C: Average, these are usually worth a read though possibly better as a library pick.

D: Bleh. Probably has a few bits that aren't so bad but I'd be hard pressed to single them out.

F: What the f*ck was I thinking to read this book?

DNF: Did Not Finish. In other words it seemed better to bang my head on the desk then actually finish reading this book.

I reserve the right to use '+' or '-' as I deem them appropriate :D. But that's it folks, short and sweet, so here we GO!