Friday, January 13, 2012

You're So Vein by Christine Warren

Ava Markham is beautiful, savvy, chic, and more at home with Kate Spade than with the idea of fangs and fur.  She can’t get quite used to the fact that some of closest friends have crossed over to the Other side.  Then one night she is attacked by a rogue vampire, and her deepest fears are realized when her body begins a dangerous transformation from human to immortal—a change she cannot survive without the help of an alluring stranger who comes to her rescue…

Vladimir Rurikovich, an elite member of the European Council of Vampires, is on the prowl for a murderous vampire fugitive on the night he saves Ava from the clutches of death. It takes just one look for Dima to know he cannot live another eight centuries without the stunning and seductive Ava—until he discovers a secret about her bloodline that could change everything…

Christine Warren is a bit of a hit or miss for me. I loved her when I first found her titles online, and continued to enjoy her Fantasy series as they continued, but sadly it didn't last. She moved into print publishing and I kind of feel like it's never been the same. First she started out republishing her older stuff - out of order - which drove me batty. Then she released e-novellas as full length stories that didn't seem to add much to what had be written originally. It's not all bad though, there have been some originals that did turn out to be fun to read, but this one was not what I was hoping for.

Since I've been reading her for a while Ava Markham had always been this kind of annoying, but still big and bad character. The friend that no one could get rid of but loved anyway - kind of like Oscar the Grouch. You're So Vein seemed to the perfect place for her to get her comeuppance or at least turn into a more well rounded character, but it didn't really go far enough. She was turned into a vampire against her will, which is not only something that would drive her crazy as a control freak, but should have sent her over the edge because she considered paranormals 'monsters'. Somehow though she gets over this whole thing pretty quickly and falls in lust, then love, with Vladimir (who has his own connection to the group). It just didn't ring true to me, and ultimately fell flat.

It's a quick read and not completely without merit, I like catching up with Regina and Missy, but it's not my favorite of the series and I think heralds the switch for me from auto-buy to borrow.

Overall Feeling - C

Series - ...13) Walk on the Wild Side 14) You're So Vein 15) Born to Be Wild