Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Born to be Wild by Donna Kauffman

Zach Brogan was sexier than sin, a globe-trotting wild man whose bad-boy smile beckoned Dara Colbourne to taste thrills only he could deliver! He’d always sensed the secret wildness that burned inside his childhood pal, had tempted her into trouble more than once, but now he wanted the woman she’d become to feel his fire. Could a man who chased danger for a living prove she’d be his greatest adventure?

After I finished Surrender the Dark I knew I had to pick back up with rest of the Three Musketeers. It was an easy enough choice knowing that each would be tight but entertaining contemporary romances with a built in trilogy being the end of it. 

I have to admit a certain love for the smart alec so I knew this one would be fun to read. Zach rides the line of annoyance very well, especially once he admits that the reason for his teasing is because of the feelings he has has for Dara. I would say that the childhood frenemies to lovers is a well known plot but it's not one that has lost its appeal for me. Zach's sweet but risk loving, balanced by his strict attention to detail; his risks might appear thoughtless from the outside be he's always careful to keep everyone as safe as possible. Dara's past with her father and fiance make this is a bit hard to accept but finally even she has to admit that life with Zach is worth whatever fears she may have. Their evolving relationship - even when it's rocky - still has that core of emotion that makes their final HEA worth it. Definitely recommended, though the most enjoyment comes from reading this as a part of the larger series.

Overall Feeling - B

Series - 1) Surrender the Dark 2) Born to be Wild 3) Midnight Heat