Friday, November 2, 2012


So....yeah. About how I'm not in the US right now. At 6:10am this morning I boarded a flight to Hong Kong!! Hong Kong people! I can't even believe it and I'm typing it out for you. I'm not going to be back until some ungodly hour on Nov 11th (it's gonna be that special trip where I leave and land on the same day) and I have to admit to being a bad blogger. 

Instead of actually reaching out for guest posts or maybe reading books I hadn't already reviewed, I've spent the last few months, weeks, days, dreaming about my trip. Which is my long worded way of saying I don't have any reviews for you guys while I'm gone. I know - I KNOW! I suck, I'm sorry, I really should learn to do better. 

What I can do for you right now though is highlight some of the books I picked to entertain me during the long, long, flight. None are all that expensive (some are even on sale!) and a bunch are the next books in series I enjoyed before:

$.99 books
Thanks to Fiction Vixen I learned a bunch of eroticas were on sale and these are the two I picked:

 Petals and Thorns by Jeffe Kennedy & Burned by Eliza Gayle

 Born to be Wild & Midnight Heat by Donna Kauffman
(review of the first book here)

 The Boldest Man in Ballymuir & The Brightest Flame in Ballymuir by Dorien Kelly
(review of the first book here)

Authors I love
Is this a surprise? I didn't think so. 

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

Hope this inspires you to do your own down time book list - even if they're only to be enjoyed in your home :). Happy Friday!