Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Protocol Series by Dawn Ryder

I don't do series reviews all that often but since I went back and read all of these again on my nook I figured they deserved some special treatment - especially considering my feelings at the end of the erotica romance challenge I took part in.

All three of these books take place in the same world, and focus on military trained men and the women who love them. Dack (Challenge Protocol) is the head of his unit and due to some foul play by a powerful organization is sentenced to a dishonorable discharge from the army - but his team's loyalty was with him and when Dack left they all left. In addition, because of the work he does, because of the work his team does, they are all under constant death threats from those they've stopped. (I could probably make this description more detailed by, hey, why bore you?)

I really enjoy this series. I make no bones about the fact that alpha men in erotica are my cup of tea and in each one of these we have 1 (or 2) of those. Still Ryder takes it a step further and pairs the men with complimentary women, women who are also strong and willing to take what they want. The chemistry and romance is there from the beginning, and while we don't have the paranormal 'I know she's the one for me forever' we do see all the men react immediately to the female leads and as such the chase is on from the get go.

But don't forget that as erotica these books are steamy. STEAMY steamy. Ryder does a fantastic job drawing out each sex scene to its fullest, with the readers very involved not only in what the women feel, but what the men feel too. Outside Protocol) and Challenge Protocol) both deal with menages and Ryder doesn't make them feel unnatural - or too easy either. Robyn and Cambria ask questions and have doubts about maintaining such a relationship long term. It's refreshing to see this talked about so openly and with I think appropriate attention to everyone's feelings.

All three of the titles are fantastic and I highly recommend them to anyone who likes a lot of heat and spice to their erotica.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. 

Series - 1) Outside Protocol) 2) Challenge Protocol) 3) Point of Combustion)