Friday, January 7, 2011

Reading Challenges (2011)

I've seen a lot of different challenges around the blog-o-sphere and while my little heart goes pitter pat at the idea of joining each and every one of them, I'm going to try to be realistic. I read a lot but I'm more often than not hard headed about it, as it's hard for me to step out and try new authors. I'm never going to be that woman who only reads her books once. 

Still I like the idea of challenges, so I've looked around and picked a couple that I think I can comfortably manage. The first is The Book Junkie's Bookshelf Support Your Local Library Challenge. I used to go to the library incessantly when I was younger and I'm really hoping this helps me get back to that. And if it somehow manages to shave a few dollars off my book bill by the end of the year that'd be good too.

The second is Nitty Gritty's Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge. Again this is a type of romance that I'm drawn to and enjoy a lot, so I think having this specific challenge to keep me going is going to be fun. Plus, I will again have the chance to know what other people reading and add those to my list too!!!

I'm going to do individual posts for both of the challenges so expect those to pop up later today!

**I've added a new page to Reading Amidst the Chaos: 2011 Reading Challenges. The link is in the side bar on the right and will take you to a general update page so you can see how I'm doing!**