Thursday, March 17, 2011

In honor of the great orange, white, and green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

While I (due to job stuff) was not able to work green into my outfit day, I hope each one of you out there in cyber land is keeping Ireland in your hearts! One of my most favorite life experiences are the 6 weeks I spent there one summer in college. I learned a lot and saw so much more than I could have ever expected. 

One thing I'd like to pass on to you though is a great little shooter that I had over there, the:


This great little drink is made with two ingredients (traditionally) -  Tia Maria (a coffee flavored liquor) and Bailey's. To make:

1) Pour the Tia Maria into your shot glass about 3/4 of the way full
2) Slowly (!) pour in the Bailey's down the side of the glass attempting to not mix the two so that the Bailey's sits on top of the Tia Maria
3) That's it! If done correctly you should have a small shooter that looks like a dark glass of Guinness with a perfectly settled foam head. 

What are you doing to celebrate today?